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Safety & Security

Break-ins and collisions are costly-not only from the damage, but the down time as well. Collisions also put your crew's safety at risk. Safety and security products from Car Toys help your team avoid accidents, and can help cut down or eliminate break-ins altogether.

Back-up Sensors & Cameras, Rear Collision Avoidance Systems
Give your drivers an added measure of confidence, safety, and peace of mind, with back-up sensors and cameras that cover dangerous blind spots and help in tight situations. Advanced collision avoidance systems provide warnings for forward collisions, lane departure, and pedestrian/cyclist collision avoidance.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Kits
Stay connected safely to your outbound team with Bluetooth technology that allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

In-Vehicle Event Recorders 
If you do have an accident, event recorders will record (time and place) which could help in case of litigation.

FlirThermal Imaging Nightvision
Thermal vision allows you to see animals, pedestrians, or disabled vehicles long before your headlights pick them up.

GPS Vehicle Tracking
recover stolen vehicles in minutes, not days. (GPS) technology can also help you read engine trouble codes and track maintenance remotely.

Easy Upgrades
Add these items to your fleet vehicles for additional safety, security, and convenience:

  • Power door locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Power windows
  • Heated seats & lumbar support
  • Signal mirrors
  • Remote start devices
  • Starter/fuel pump shot-off relays
  • Replacement vinyl seat covers